Apex Camps Magnetic Island

On The Great Barrier Reef

Apex Camp Magnetic Island is located on the breathtaking Magnetic Island which is situated 8km offshore from Townsville in North Queensland and is your gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and unique marine and diverse island environments. Our four hectare Camp located at Picnic Bay on the west of the island offers flexible accommodation options for School Camps, Church Retreats and Community Group Bookings.


Situated on Magnetic Island, 8 kms off Townsville in beautiful North Queensland.  Your gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and unique marine and diverse island environments. Address is Birt Street, Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island QLD 4819.



Accommodation for up to 116 on site in air conditioned comfort; cabin style with separate supervisor’s building. For larger groups we also have access to multiple offsite accommodation options in close proximity to the camp.  Talk to our reservations team for pricing and availability.



Apex Camp Magnetic Island is a fully catered Camp. Enjoy a delicious 'home cooked' meal in the comfort of our air-conditioned dining hall. We provide high quality catering for our guests at very reasonable prices. All our pre planned menus have been specially designed to incorporate a nutritional and satisfying meal. We incorporate seasonal elements into the menus and locally sourced fresh produce. We cater for all Dietary Requirements and will supply a cake on birthdays! 



Over 20 activity options – beach, land, rocks & ropes, water, challenge & initiatives – day & night time, indoor & outdoor options. A great selection of whole group supervised night time programs. Active recreation and educational/curriculum based programs. We offer a great selection of whole group supervised night programs to keep the kids entertained all evening. With fully qualified and accredited program staff; activites are exciting, fun, safe and sure to engage everyone. 

  • Risk Assessments are available for all activities

  • Fully qualified and experienced programme staff  

  • Strict maximum group size – 20 participants per activity session

  • Based on 1.5 hour activity sessions (except for abseiling which is a 3 hour session)



(maximum group size is 20)

Session Cost

(per group)


(maximum group size is 20)

Session Cost

(per group)

Abseiling  - 3 hour session


Amazing Race Challenge  






Bush Walk




Challenge & Initiatives  


Boot Camp




Raft Building   


Radio Rogaine  


Slack Lining   


Reef Tour




Team Builders    




Environmental Educational Sessions available. Please enquire for more details.

Self-facilitated mountain bike hire available for $16 per person/per day

Prices are inclusive of GST



Snorkel Kits
Why not create your own DIY Snorkelling Adventure at nearby Picnic Bay. Kit includes mask, snorkel, fins and stinger suit. Cost is $25 per kit per person per day. Up to 20 kits available and must be pre booked prior to your camp if required.

Stinger Suits
Protect yourself during all water and beach activities. Cost is $15 per person per day. Up to 20 suits are available and must be pre booked prior to your camp if required.




Depending on the students age our Bush Walk will take them on a journey of discovery around camp and Picnic Bay visiting local landmarks and iconic views. 


If you are after a fun, competitive team building activity then Raft Building will sure hit the mark.  Participants are given a scenario that involves them building a raft out of material supplied and navigating around markers and checkpoints on the water. Raft Building can be enjoyed by all age levels. Floatation devices (PFDs) are supplied. Conducted at Horseshoe Bay, additional transport required.


If you want the full Great Barrier Reef experience we can organise your full day tour to the outer reefs off Townsville. Your exclusive charter boat will take your group on a memorable day of reef exploring and snorkelling with experienced and knowledgeable staff. Includes all equipment and catering. Price available on application. Departs from ferry terminal at Nelly Bay.


Slack Lining is one of the newest most popular forms of recreation amongst young people these days, using a tensioned line between two anchor points. Slack Lining teaches participants balance, confidence, trust and team work and can be ran in just about any location or venue. The session incorporates basic skills such as turning around, walking backwards or a jumping mount, and can progress to more difficult challenges.


Together Everyone Achieves More as groups rise to the challenge and fun of our many adventurous scenarios.  On the educational side these sessions focus on developing the 5 Cs of team functioning (Communication, Co-operation, Commitment, Care & Concern).  Groups have to work together negotiating solutions to increasingly and sometimes hysterical challenges.


Take a break from the fast paced excitement of camp with chance to relax, refocus and refresh. This session will allow students to zone in on themselves and try to practise the skills of mindfulness. Instructors use play-based activities to teach yoga poses and breathing.  


Our boot camp program is suited for kids of all ages and fitness levels. We focus on play based fitness to help challenge kids to work outside of their comfort level, while educating them about the importance of health and fitness in their lives. This is a fun, energetic and education activity sure to pump up everyone’s heart rate.


Abseiling is a great activity to develop team work, as well as personal growth.  Sites are chosen depending on the age and ability of the group and are situated on many of the amazing rock formations on Magnetic Island. Participants are supplied with all the necessary safety equipment and briefed on programme goals by our qualified Staff. This activity is conducted off site, additional transport may be required as suitability sites are age dependant.


Apex Amazing Race takes participants on an adventure through parts of Magnetic Island, working in small groups, teams must undertake a variety of tasks to gain points for their team. The sessions can be tailored to any specific age group by offering a varying of difficulty in tasks and length of the challenge. This is a great activity to bring team work together with fun highly competitive challenges.        


This is one of the most popular traditional school camp activities that can be enjoyed by all children regardless of their age, ability or skill level.  Using an array of bows suited to specific age and participant abilities under skilled supervision, this activity is sure to hit the mark.         


Incorporating the history and the use of catapults in medieval wars, participants are taught basic knot tying skills and design to build their own team catapult where they can shoot sponges at each other utilising the enclosed facilities of the tennis court.


This session focuses strongly on team work and communication as participants work through various initiative games. Conceptual blockbusting and lateral thinking is required to complete these sessions as well as a sense of fun and adventure. Initiative sessions challenge groups to think outside the box and work together to develop practical solutions to increasingly complex problem solving challenges.


Enjoy a relaxing session on the Picnic Bay wharf wetting a line in hope of catching the big catch. All equipment is supplied and instructed by our staff.


This activity offers the opportunity to learn useable skills, have fun and develop an understanding and appreciation of the beautiful waters surrounding Magnetic Island. Kayaking is an activity that can be successfully mastered by students of all ages and encourages the development of communication, support and teamwork.  Students are provided with PFD’s. Conducted at Horseshoe Bay, additional transport required.  


The team based, timed, competitive challenge focuses on communication, spatial awareness and group dynamics. Participants are provided with a site map identifying the location of a series of check points. Working together each team must locate as many check points as they can within a given timeframe. Bonus points are earned by completing a radio based task at each check point. The use of radios as the communication media necessitates the relearning of basic communication etiquette (turn taking, listening skills, thinking before talking, being clear in communication) and provides excellent talking points for debrief on communication. It’s also a lot of fun and can be completed as a night activity.

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