Why Guest Presenters Enhance Your Camp Learning Experience

16 Sep, 2016

Why Guest Presenters Enhance Your Camp Experience? If your organising a school camp and want a new way to cut through to your students, here are our six tips for finding a fantastic guest speaker on a budget.

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Can you start a fire without a match?

5 Sep, 2016

Can you start a fire without a match? The most essential survival skill is starting a fire without a match. In the Apex Camps Bush Skills Activity participants learn essential survival skills plus four ways to start a fire with out a match.

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Family Fit Nation Now Working Out at Apex Camp Mudjimba

30 Jul, 2016

Apex Camp teams up with professional triathlete Dmitri Simmon to deliver Family Fit Nation indoors and outdoors and any time in the day.

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A Big Heart for Community Group Fundraising & Events

28 Jun, 2016

As a registered charity, Apex Camps understands the dedication and important role community groups play in delivering many life-saving and life-changing events.

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Your Thoughts Counted – 2016 Half Yearly Feedback

24 May, 2016

To help Apex Camps deliver the best experience, at the end of each camp we ask organisers to provide feedback. We are pleased to share with you how our 2016 guests have rated their experience over the last five months.

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5 Tips For Preparing Students & Parents for Camp

24 May, 2016

A successful camp often starts weeks before the departure date. Want to know the the top 5 teacher’s tips that help students and parents prepare for a great camp experience.

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