5 Tips For Preparing Students & Parents for Camp

24 May 2016 12:00 AMAdmin AQYC 5 Tips For Preparing Students & Parents for Camp

A successful camp start before you leave.

For some kids and parents, the thought of camp can fill them with dread.  Fear of being left out’, angst regarding personal safety, separation anxiety and homesickness.  Often it is the first camp experience and the time they have been away for more than a night.  Even if it is not their first time, past experiences can cause even more anxiety than the unknown.

When both the parent and child knows what to expect, everyone is much less nervous.  For camp coordinators, it’s important to remember a successful camp starts before the permission form is returned.

When providing details of your upcoming camp to kids and parents there are a few details and reminders we find help prepare everyone for a relaxed an enjoyable experience.

1. Provide a link to the camp venue website

Encourage kids and parents to check it out. This will give them additional information about the venue and the activities.  It will provide them the chance to discuss where they are going before they leave.  On our website they can watch videos of our camps to show them some of the great activities they will undertake.

Some kids may be anxious about certain activities or sharing a room and bathroom. Its important kids understand the room layout and there are no bathtubs. Especially for younger campers, this can be an issue.

At Apex Camps we can facilitate a pre-camp day visit ahead of time to give younger campers an idea of what to expect. We also cater to special dietary requirements.  Just let your Apex Camp Manager know beforehand.

2. Encourage kids and parents to pack together

Its important kids understand what clothes and equipment they have in their bags, so they know what to look for when they are alone.  The pressure of not being late can be overwhelming.  By packing together, it also allows kids the opportunity to make suggestions or preferences, and reassure them they are well prepared for all the fun activities they are going to do.

Apex Camps provides a great “Suggested Items to Bring” list that gives guests lots of information on the essentials to bring to Camp.

A lot of parents may want to pack special snacks and treats.  Make sure you are clear with parents what is acceptable.  This also includes electronic equipment and expensive personal items.

At Apex Camps, we understand items get left behind.  Talk to us before camp about what we can put in place to ensure campers leave with everything they came with.

3. Be clear about contact between parents and kids during camp

Most kids feel a twinge of homesickness, some more than others.  Parents too.  Most experts say when it comes to parental involvement if homesickness hits, less is more.

Some programs allow for cell phone use and e-mail on a daily basis and others discourage all forms of communication, particularly on shorter stays.

In your camp communication be clear about contact opportunities between parents and children. Provide advice to parents on amount of contact that is appropriate for different circumstances.

Prior to your arrival let your Apex Camp Manager know what is expected.  We do get calls from parents and need to ensure we meet your requirements.

4. Let parents and kids know who is supervising

As you get closer to the date let kids and parents know who will be attending camp as supervisors and chaperones.  Some teachers and chaperones will already be known by students, and knowing who will be there provides that extra interest and excitement.

Parents especially like to have an understanding of who will be providing support to their child.  Your teachers and supervisors will also have experience and qualifications that you may want to share with the parents

5. Stay positive and be ready to be surprised

As our clients know, camp is an amazing and exciting experience that helps kids develop and grow.  It can also create life time memories for teachers and supervisors. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how much it takes to plan, organise and run a successful camp.

At Apex Camps, we often hear from camp coordinators about the pressure of getting the right attendance numbers and support can be overwhelming.

Remember to have fun with it. If you every have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Apex Camps 1300 1 CAMPS.

Here’s wishing you a fun, engaging, successful camp experience.

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