Feeling Positive About School Camp

10 Jul, 2019

Kids can have understandable concerns about going to school camp. But the benefits are numerous, and there are ways that you can help your child feel more confident about going to camp.

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Top Tips for Planning School Camps

20 Feb, 2019

How can my students or group get the best value from their school camp. This article gives great tips for new - and experienced - school camp coordinators.

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Apex Camps celebrates 35 years of supporting Sunshine Coast youth

30 Oct, 2018

Thirty-five years ago, the camp and recreation centre, then known as Apex Suncoast Children's Camp, first set out on its mission to achieve one primary purpose: ‘to help disadvantaged children of any kind, physically, mentally, financially or geographically’. Thirty-five years later and that legacy continues...

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Why Guest Presenters Enhance Your Camp Learning Experience

16 Sep, 2016

Why Guest Presenters Enhance Your Camp Experience? If your organising a school camp and want a new way to cut through to your students, here are our six tips for finding a fantastic guest speaker on a budget.

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Can you start a fire without a match?

5 Sep, 2016

Can you start a fire without a match? The most essential survival skill is starting a fire without a match. In the Apex Camps Bush Skills Activity participants learn essential survival skills plus four ways to start a fire with out a match.

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Magnetic Island Full of New Activities

4 May, 2016

New Activities & Program at Maggie Island At Apex Camps we continually strive to provide exceptional outcomes for our guests and better value for money camp experiences.

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