Why Guest Presenters Enhance Your Camp Learning Experience

16 Sep 2016 12:00 AMAdmin AQYC Why Guest Presenters Enhance Your Camp Learning Experience

Apex Camps thrives on helping camp organisers deliver inspiring and educational events.
The core premise behind a group of kids, or adults, coming together is to learn and experience new things.  Whether the teaching is from teachers or activities, or from each other is immaterial, what matters is the experience.

If you are looking for a new way to cut through to your students or camp attendees, we highly recommend a guest speaker.  It’s amazing the difference someone new can bring to your camp content, leaving a lasting impression on everyone.

From our experience finding someone that can make an impact doesn’t have to be an expensive paid guest who hits the talking circuits year-round, nor a sports hero or pop diva.

Guest speakers from any part of the community can enrich the learning outcomes and will often be free. The person can talk to content learning areas, provide motivation through their personal story and help highlight future career opportunities.

At Apex Camps we have had a number of community guest speakers.  For example, at Apex Camp Mudjimba beach safety is a very important topic.  The local Surf Life Saving Club can provide a guest speaker to teach students surf skills.  The Australian Association for Environmental Education are also active in providing learning experiences for students and have a marine and coastal special interest group.  At our Magnetic Island Camp we are surrounded by learning opportunities on the Great Barrier Reef.

At Lake Tinaroo we are surrounded by beautiful bush land and some of Australia’s best biodynamic and organic farming.  By contacting the Atherton Tableland’s Co-op you can invite a local farmer to share their love for the land and allow students can get a better appreciation for sustainable horticulture.

Over the 30 plus years Apex Camps have been hosting schools and organisations we have noted a few things that work well when inviting a guest speaker:

  1. If the first person you approach says no, don’t be disheartened. There are many people living in our local community that are connected to what you are teaching.
  2. Make sure your guest speaker is relevant to your audience and the teaching topic. The best way to do this is to ensure they have personal experiences they can share during their presentation.
  3. Invest some time prior to camp to understand the structure and content of the presentation. It’s best to make sure there are no surprises on the day and it will help the presenter understand how they can better relate to your group.
  4. Ensure you allow enough time for Q&A. Not only for the audience’s benefit but for the speaker too.  Some of the best information comes from the interaction between students and speaker.
  5. Ask campers for their feedback on the guest speaker. Evaluating what worked and what didn’t work is important for next year’s planning.
  6. Don’t forget to send a thank you letter to the individual and their employer (if applicable). Letting them know the valuable contribution they made to your group is important.

If you think outside the box and spend a bit of time planning, a guest speaker can really make an impact on your students and camp experience.

To book your next school camp and get ideas about how to enrich your learning experience don’t hesitate to contact Apex Camps on 1300 1 CAMPS (1300 122 677).

Here’s wishing you a fun, engaging, successful event.

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