Apex Camps offers a special 3 day 2 night Student Leadership Program for High School Students


Student Leadership Program


Our Student Leadership Program — NEW in 2020 — is a specially tailored personal, leadership and team development program for school students that draws on the best global practices for leadership valuing people and purpose over profit.

Building on our 35 years of working with schools, we are delighted to partner with Jo Brand and Dan Leitch, from The Conscious Brand, to exclusively offer Australian schools and youth organisations the Live your Greatness Youth Leadership Program. Over the past 5 years, Brisbane-based, Jo, has helped over 175,000 people across the world become Conscious Leaders — leaders who intentionally and actively nurture positive values, relationships and experiences.

This 3-day 2-night residential program combines highly innovative and targetted learning with fun outdoor activities and challenges to develop motivated and empowered leaders across Years 6 — 12. Students will gain the skills to make significant and positive impact within their roles in your school as well as be a promising leader of the future. This unique program will be a pivotal time in their lives.

Bookings are now OPEN and can be made HERE, as can inquiries.

The program has 2 overarching aims:

  • To build Conscious Leaders for the future – in effect, awaken the leader within.
  • To build Leadership Collaboration so our youth can deliver projects that positively contribute to global change

Why is the program so important right now?

Our young people are living in a time that is vastly different to that of just two decades ago. Due to advances in technology and changes to the social dynamic they are more aware of global issues and can feel more desperate and stressed about the world and their place in it.

At the same time, they are seeing that the technology, mindsets and actions – that they can initiate – can have tremendous influence on the world.

How can they channel all of this to create a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone?

This leadership development program is designed to develop the foundational leadership skills that will benefit participants, their families, their school communities and the wider world. It will help them harness their potential for the benefit of all.



Through various sessions students will: 

  1. Increase self awareness
  2. Enhance their awareness and understanding of the global goals 
  3. Develop their leadership style
  4. Strenghten their collaborative skills activate a global goal.
Specific Content includes:
  • Understanding our potential as human beings
  • The importance of conscious choices in how we think, act and speak – how what we think shapes us
  • Understanding one’s self, self-belief and limiting beliefs
  • Emotional Intelligence Vs IQ
  • How purpose and gratitude enhance one’s life
  • Motivation tools and goal setting
  • Life management and responsibilities
  • Conscious leadership traits and behaviours
  • Confidence, failure and resilience
  • How to consciously communicate 
  • How to build relationships and achieve common goals
  • How to develop innovative mindsets to solve global challenges.
  • Activating & reflecting leadership and collaborative capabilities.


What will individuals gain from this?

The benefits to students are significant. They will:

Learn to:
  • Use and appreciate their leadership strengths and abilities and how to grow these within a team
  • Identify and appreciate others’ leadership strengths to work collaboratively
  • Take responsibility over their own thoughts, behaviours and choices.
Begin to: 
  • Think wider in terms of impact and their ability to make change, Individually and as a collective
  • Positively impact their friends, peers, school community and social causes with their developed leadership and social skills
  • Feel empowered, creative, unique and eager to take on tasks they may have shied away from in the past
  • Shift from dependency to empowerment and initiative through working within a collective
  • Increase their self-worth and understanding of their own values, belief system 
  • Build stronger relationships with their families and are able to recognise the importance of investing in their support structure.
  • More aware and open to learning and experiences
  • Aware of their purpose, the importance of developing character traits through conscious awareness for better leadership
  • More self-motivated and positive, measuring themselves by progress and improvement even without seeing immediate results.
  • Resilience and a positive attitude towards weaknesses and failures through a learning mindset
  • Time management skills and function better under time pressure
  • Public speaking skills and confidence in speaking in front of a large audience.


Who is the Live Your Greatness Youth Leadership Program suitable for?

Our Student Leadership Program is ideal for:


  • Whole of Year 6 and 11 students — so your school can awaken the leadership potential of your students.
  • Incoming Grade 12 Senior School Leadership Teams

Upon booking, our staff will work with your staff to ensure the content, activities and outcomes of our Student Leadership program are appropriate to your school.

This program will be jointly delivered by experienced Apex Camps and The Conscious Brand staff.




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