Apex Camps Sunshine Coast offers more than 30 awesome outdoor adventure activities for you to choose from!

Take advantage of our beach-side location with an Inflatable Water Park, Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Raft Building, Canoeing, Beach Games and more! Or step outside of your comfort zone on our Low, Mid or High Ropes Courses and Flying Foxes, or our 12-meter high Rock Climbing Tower! 

Other popular activities include our Mud Pit Challenge, Archery, Fencing and Catapults. 

We also offer a great selection of supervised night programs to keep the kids entertained all evening.

With fully qualified, accredited and experienced activity staff, our activites are exciting, fun, safe and sure to engage everyone.

  • Each activity session is 1 hour and 50 minutes
  • Total of eight activity sessions plus two night activities over a standard 3 day / 2 night camp. Download a sample itinerary here.
  • Having trouble deciding on a suitable activity program? Let us help you tailor a program to suit your desired outcomes.
  • Risk assessments for each activity are available here.



  • Abseiling
  • Mid Ropes & Flying Fox
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Canoeing
  • Inflatable Water Park^*
  • Wake Park^*


  • Raft Building*
  • Fencing


  • Archery
  • Beach Games
  • Bush Skills
  • Catapults
  • Mud Pit Challenge
  • Field Games
  • Fishing
  • Low Ropes & Team Builders
  • Orienteering
  • Radio Rogaine
  • Team Builders
  • Court Sports
  • Supervised Pool Games
  • Whole Group Round Robin


  • Yoga
  • Personal Empowerment Workshops


  • Surfing* 
  • Body Boarding* 
  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding*
  • High Ropes & Flying Fox*


  • Supervised Camp Fire & Night Games
  • Supervised Camp Fire & Damper Making
  • Minute-To-Win-It Games Night
  • Cinema Movie Night with Popcorn
  • Games & Trivia Night
  • Night Olympics
  • Red Faces*
  • Dance Night / Disco






Experience abseiling on the biggest outdoor abseiling tower in South-East Queensland. The tower features two levels, allowing younger participants to 'rappel' from a lower height should they choose. This confidence building activity is easily accessed by an internal ladder system in complete safety. A fun and memorable heights experience!

Note: Best suited to ages 8 and up, however 5-7 year olds who aren't comfortable may simply climb part of the rock wall and do a descent. 



Used as a tool for personal growth, the unique design of our 1.5 metre high mid-ropes course allows individuals of all ages and abilities to take part creating personal challenges while building supportive teams. Participants then have the option of climbing up and flying down on the flying fox, a guaranteed highlight of the activity.

Note: Best suited to ages 6 and up, however confident and/or tall 5-6 year olds are accommodated for.



Ride through picturesque bush trails directly from the camp, through to breathtaking coastal scenery all under the guidance of excellent instructors. Multiple route choices and good quality bikes of all sizes enable all ages and skill levels to participate in this activity.




Climb to new heights on the largest rock climbing tower in South-East Queensland, an impressive 12-meters high! This activity caters for beginners to expert climbers, with eight different climbing routes depending on the participant’s ability. Our qualified instructors will give climbers one-on-one tips and techniques to ensure they get the most out of the activity. 



This activity offers the opportunity to learn new skills, develop an understanding and appreciation of rivers and their surrounding environments, and to have a lot of fun doing so! Canoeing encourages the development of communication skills and teamwork. It can be successfully mastered by participants of all ages. This session is conducted on the Maroochy River, a short walk from camp.

Note: Participants are not required to be able to swim. 



Extreme levels of fun are to be had at the inflatable water park. Come together as a group in an exciting and interactive way, with spills, thrills and laughter inevitable in a safe and fully supervised water environment. This 50-minute on the water session makes use of inflatable obstacles, slides and jumps. This is sure to be an absolute favourite for the group! 

^Additional waivers are required for use of the park.

*Suitable for ages 6 and up. Participants must be able to swim. 


***NEW*** WAKE Park

A fabulous camp activity for the more adventurous! Wake boarders can negotiate a series of obstacles, rails, kickers and jumps built in to the park, adding to their wakeboarding experience. All necessary equipment is provided including vests, helmets and wakeboards (or skis and kneeboards). 

^Additional waivers are required for use of the park.

*Suitable for ages 10 and up. Participants must be able to swim. 





Raft Building involves group problem solving, team work and construction skills. Basic instruction in knot tying and lashing is provided. Participants are then required to construct rafts from resources provided and to complete set challenges using their vessels. This is a fun and often wet session, fostering teamwork and friendly competition. This session is conducted on the Maroochy River, a short walk from camp.

*Participants must be able to swim. 



Fencing provides a unique opportunity for participants to try their hand at a new skill. Under the supervision of a qualified fencing instructor and using the necessary safety equipment, participants learn the history of the sport, practice some fun pirate skills and take part in Olympic-style duals. To finish off, participants put their newfound skills to the test in fun team challenges. 





This is one of our most popular activities! Archery can be enjoyed by all ages, abilities and skill levels, with bows designed for each individual age and ability fired towards the target under skilled supervision. This activity is sure to hit the mark.



Designed for fun and laughter and guaranteed to wear energetic campers out. Games are tailored to suit the group’s age and program objectives, including traditional beach relays, competitions and much more. This activity is best suited to younger participants and is a must for those coming from non-coastal areas. Conducted at North Shore beach, approximately 25-minute walk from camp.

Note: This activity does not involve free swimming, though participants may get wet during some games.



Bush Skills is a practical activity teaching participants skills and knowledge about surviving in the bush, camp craft and emergency situations. It includes hands on activities such as fire lighting without matches, shelter construction, damper making, water collection and navigation.



Incorporating a history in the use of catapults during medieval wars, participants are taught basic knot tying skills and design that enable them to build their own team catapult. They then shoot sponges at each other, testing out their skills and aim while other team members attempt to catch the sponges.

Note: Young participants may simply make use of a pre-built catapult and the activity combined with another activity



This session focuses on team work and communication as participants work through the various challenges of our army inspired 'mud pit challenge course'. The course has many traditional challenges including rope swings, cargo nets, tyres and a mud trench. This is the perfect activity for anyone with a sense of adventure and fun, and a willingness to get a little muddy!



Fun sporting games that will have everyone challenged and smiling in a group setting. Held on the camp's large sports oval, activities can include volleyball, T ball, croquet, bocce, cricket and soccer. 



Enjoy a relaxing session on the banks of the Maroochy River wetting a line in the hope of landing that big catch. All equipment is supplied and instruction provided by our staff.



Cables, logs and ropes run between the trees, allowing participants to challenge themselves in different ways, all approximately 30cm off the ground. This activity relies on team trust which must be demonstrated ahead of the activity start through a series of basic trust exercises. Participants do not require harnesses, therefore the use of spotting by team mates is a must. 



Hand out the compasses and we’re set for some fun! This session gets participants using compasses, pacing, recording data and working together as a team. It's sure to get everyone thinking and communicating effectively.

Note: Best suited to ages 11 and up, due to the need to learn how to use a compass.



This team based, competitive challenge focuses on communication, spatial awareness and group dynamics. Participants are provided with walkie talkies and a site map identifying the location of a series of check points. Working together, each team must locate as many check points as they can within a given timeframe. Bonus points are earned by completing a radio based task at each check point, teaching basic communication etiquette (turn taking, listening skills, thinking before talking, being clear in communication). It’s also a lot of fun!

Note: Can be completed as a night activity.



'Together Everyone Achieves More' as groups take part in (sometimes hysterical!) activity challenges such as completing the 'electric grid maze and lava crossing'. Participants work together to negotiate solutions and make use of various equipment in order achieve success for their group. Team builders focuses on developing the 5 Cs of team functioning (Communication, Co-operation, Commitment, Care & Concern), with participants experiencing both physical and cognitive interaction.



Our onsite multi-purpose court is great for team games including basketball, tennis and wall racquet ball. The court area can be quickly transformed for all types of court sports. 



Water based activities are always a favourite! Our supervised pool games activity is enjoyed for its team challenges, fun games and just for cooling off! Games can include pearl diving, relay races, pool volleyball, marco polo and many more.

Note: Participants who are unable to swim may take part by staying in the shallow end of the pool. 


Whole Group Round Robin

Whole group round robin is the perfect way to get your entire group working together. Completed in the oval with participants rotating through action-packed team challenges and sporting games such as 'coconut toss' volleyball, rapid T-ball, multiball soccer and crazy cricket! 



***NEW*** YOGA

Our engaging and fun yoga sessions are not about sitting still! Discover basic yoga poses for focus, co-ordination, balance and flexibility, along with breathing techniques that can be used to manage emotion. You will learn to be present and feel empowered, have fun with partnered poses and yoga games and, at the end of each session, enjoy peaceful relaxation. Sessions are run by an experienced kids yoga instructor with a background in teaching, and can be tailored to all ages - or choose from one of the themed sessions.



Learn mindfulness, improve self-esteem and resilience, gain leadership skills and more in our personal empowerment workshops. These dynamic, fun and engaging workshops are designed for all ages, to help better equip you for life's challenges. The workshops are run by a qualified life and mindfulness coach with more than 20 years' experience in personal development. They can be tailored to suit your group dynamic. For more information and a detailed description of each workshop, click here




Always a favourite, this 'learn to surf' activity is designed to have everyone up catching waves, controlling their surf boards, paddling, standing up and riding the waves in to the shore. Conducted at North Shore beach, approximately 25-minute walk from camp.

Note: Best suited to ages 9 and up, however confident and/or tall 5-8 year olds are accommodated for.

*Participants must be able to swim. 



Body boarding is a great introduction to surf skills aimed at younger participants. Participants are taught how to catch waves and to control and steer their boards. Conducted at North Shore beach, approximately 25- minute walk from camp.

*Participants must be able to swim. 



Our stand up paddle (SUP) boarding offers adventure and skill learning on the water, all within a 5 minute walk from camp. Standing full height on the latest SUP boards, participants experience a real adventure on the iconic Maroochy River. The ease of use of our extra large boards along with expert instruction make this adventure activity suitable for ages approx. 9 and up. 

Note: Best suited to ages 9 and up, however confident and/or tall 5-8 year olds are accommodated for as part of our School Holiday Program.

*Participants must be able to swim. 






Challenge yourself on the latest in aerial adventure courses to hit the Sunshine Coast! 

Participants can traverse the 10 and 14 metre high adventure courses, then launch themselves from the 12 metre high tower and race their mate on our thrilling twin 70 metre zip lines - the only twin flying foxes to be found on the Sunshine Coast (and the highest in Australia)!

Participants also have the opportunity to 'skate' and 'surf' the skies on our legendary 'Sky Skater' and 'Sky Surfer', traversing the course on a skateboard and surfing from the high ropes course over to the top of the rockclimbing wall!

Incorporating the most up-to-date technology, this course provides the best available personal safety system for participants by ensuring a constant connection to the overhead life lines. The revolutionary new belay system recognizes when a carabiner is clipped and closed on a safety cable, and will only then allow the other carabiner to be opened and transferred to the next element.

This activity is sure to challenge all of your senses while providing an awesome sense of achievement, all with unparalleled safety equipment.

*Suitable for ages 10 and up and at least 140cm in height. 





Enjoy a camp fire under the stars by our specially designed fire pit. Our staff will give kids an authentic campfire experience, with toasted marshmallows and interactive games. This is a great bonding activity that will have your group singing songs, having fun and winding down after a day of activities. For ages 11 and up, this activity may be combined with our red faces activity.



As with the camp fire & night games, our staff will supervise all aspects of the fire and will lead the group in damper making. All equipment is supplied to bake the damper along the coals of the fire. This iconic Australian dish is sure to entertain and provide a nice little treat at the end of the night.



Based on the popular game show, minute-to-win-it is a hilarious activity for the whole group and perfect for ages. Teams compete to complete challenges and games within the one minute time limit. This high energy and uplifting games night is sure to have everyone laughing their way through the challenges.



Relax under the stars and watch a movie on our large pop-up cinema screen while enjoying fresh popcorn (and ice blocks during summer). This is the perfect relaxing activity after a busy day of activities. We recommend wearing long sleeve tops, pants and insect repellent, and bringing towels to sit on. Fee includes movie licencing.

Note: This activity may run as an indoor movie night, depending on weather conditions, mosquito/sand fly activity and preferences. 



The ideal team based activity where everyone can come together in a relaxed and fun environment. Let our facilitators entertain your group with fun and interactive trivia questions, and mini games in between. This activity is sure to keep everyone engaged.


A whole group night activity with action aplenty! At night, the multipurpose court lights up and turns into an 'Olympic stadium'. Up to 140 participants compete in teams in a world-themed 'Olympic' event, with more than 14 challenges in order to win the title of the night: 'Olympic champions'.



Using props and costumes, teams learn and perform skits and other fun acts that are scored by the judging panel. Laughter and fun group interaction is guaranteed!

*Suitable for ages 11 and up. 



It's time to put on your flashiest clothes and hit the neon dance floor! Our large halls light up with laser shows and strobe lights, while groups take part in over 15 fun dance challenges.


Please note, risk assessments for each activity are available here

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